20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (2023)

Thinking about getting bolder with your hair color? Consider a fun, vibrant color like dark red hair. Opting for dark red hair tones (as opposed toGinger Pumpkin Spice Tones) makes this color a bit more wearable on different skin tones. This shade is flattering on a variety of hair textures and complements any length, making it one of our absolute favorites.

Read on to learn more about darknessred hair colorIdeas and check out some of our favorite shades of dark red hair color to inspire you to rethink red:

What you should know before you blush

From the right shade for your skin tone to maintenance, there are a few things to consider before committing to dark red hair.

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (1)

1. Different from copper

This may seem obvious, but opting for a deep red color might not be as easy as dying your hair an auburn or copper shade. Dark red hair has deep orange, purple, or burgundy undertones. Being a darker shade, this color can be more difficult to remove than a traditional shade of red.

2. High maintenance

If you want to maintain dark red hair for a long period of time, you need to be prepared for maintenance. Depending on the base and undertone you choose, you may need to touch up your color every 6-10 weeks. This is because the red dye molecule is so large that it cannot penetrate your hair as deeply when dyed. As a result, more color is washed away with each wash than other hair colors you may have tried in the past.

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (2)

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20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (3)

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To reduce fading between touch-ups, useNexxus Color Assure ShampooandConditioner. This set takes care of your hair and helps your color stay vibrant for up to 40 washes.

3. Can be difficult to remove

Just like any deep color, it takes more work and can be harder to remove if you expect to get lighter in the future. Since lightening your hair multiple times can cause damage to your strands, it's also something to think about if you're worried about your hair health.

20 Gorgeous Dark Red Hair Colors

One reason why we love dark red hair so much? There is a shade for every skin tone. It doesn't matter if you have a dark or light skin tone, there is a dark red shade that will complement your features and look great. Keep scrolling to see our top picks.

1. Helles Burgunderrot

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (4)

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (5)

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This light burgundy shade was made to be pulled up in a ponytail. It's just dark enough to avoid a cherry tint, but not so dark that it looks plumy. It is a great option when thinking about red hair color ideas. If you're going for a big color change like dark red hair color, be sure to use color-protecting products.The Good Stuff Color Protection Milkhelps ensure your bright red color lasts that much longer and keeps your hair hydrated throughout the day.

2. Dark Maroon

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (6)

Dark red color ideas work very well with brown hair. In fact, this dark auburn hair shade is perfect if you have brown hair and want to spice things up by adding some dark red tones. It's also great for natural gingers that want to darken a bit without leaving the red entirely. This warm, orange shade works best on women with warm to neutral skin tones.

3. Dark roots to orange-red

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (7)

Who could say no to such a color? This bright red is so cute in contrast with dark roots. Dark red color ideas cover the spectrum from primary red to deeper hues.

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4. Deep Ginger

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (8)

If you could list the perfect red hair color in the dictionary, this photo would come up. This deep ginger shade has just enough orange to make it look real without being too lemony. The depth of this color flatters every skin tone. Add some bangs for a look that's incredibly glamorous.

5. Burgundy dunkelrotes Hair

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (9)

Jewel hair lovers rejoice! This trend has a lot of great dark red hair color ideas, including this perfect shade of red. If you've ever dyed your hair red, you know it washes out quickly! It can go from a burgundy jewel red to a deep, dark maroon red in a flash.

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (10)

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Keep those strands alive by skipping an extra day between washes. You can choose to wear a hat or just freshen up your hair by using iton hair on the second day.

6. Burnt amber hair

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (11)

How magical is this dark red hair in a burnt shade of red? This dark brown take on red hair combines the best of both colors. This is a rich deep dark brown-red hair color with depth allowing for a slight transition from brunette to red.

7. Granatrot

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (12)

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (13)

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We are totally in love with these mermaid hair vibes! Long, wavy garnet red hair is an absolute dream. Get those beachy vibes by creating waves with the help of an extra-large 3-inch curling iron. When ready, pipe and knead inSuave Dry Texture Finishing Sprayfor the additional beach effect.

8. Cherry red

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (14)

Next comes this adorable cherry red. Paired with deeper burgundy tones and lighter, almost pink highlights, this multicolored look is a work of art. It's the perfect combination of light and depth to wear all year round!

9. Black Cherry

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (15)

Deep red hues are perfect if you plan to complement the cooler temperatures. Go for a black cherry hair color for the fall and winter seasons. As you transition into the warmer months, you can add a few highlights to brighten up the look.

10. Deep Scarlet Dunkelrotes Hair

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (16)

Just like the darker version of ginger, this deep scarlet shade has a rich, orange undertone. Consider this color if you prefer a deep red color on the lighter end of the spectrum.

11. Deep orange hue

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (17)

This deep shade of orange is perfect for natural redheads who want to try a darker look. Thanks to the orange undertone, you don't have to give up the warm undertone that makes your color stand out.

12. Brown meets deep maroon

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (18)

Can't decide whether to try a medium brown or auburn shade? Go for this brown auburn shade. This is also a perfect color for those with naturally brown hair who want to warm up their tone.

13. Dark Auburn Hair20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (19)

This simple braid is boho perfection.

Copper is a popular hair color for fall and winter, but why not switch up? Instead, opt for a deeper shade in the same color family. This can help breathe new life into a color that gets worn a lot.

14. Tiefrote Cornrows

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (20)

Do you want to highlight your cornrows? Try a deep berry shade! Dark red berry hair is very flattering for deep skin tones. Also, a shade like this goes really well with naturally dark hair.

15. Dunkelrotes Ombre

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (21)

If you're looking for a subtle touch of red but want to keep your roots dark, this deep red ombré look is for you! This is a great look for anyone who wants a touch of red without a vibrant copper hue.

16. Subtle Maroon

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (22)

This color is perfect for anyone who already has dark hair or is going darker and wants to try red hair but doesn't want their hair to scream "red".

17. Bright Red Hue

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (23)

Feeling brave? Try out this bright red shade. To blend the color a little more, keep your roots dark. A shade like this makes a big statement, it's practically an accessory itself!

18. Berry braid

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (24)

If you have dark skin, opt for a deep red color with purple undertones. This deep berry color pairs really well with darker skin tones!

19. Deep burgundy braids

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (25)

You can never go wrong with a deep burgundy shade when trying dark red hair. This color is perfect for any season!

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20. Red wine hair color

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (26)

20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (27)

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20 stunning dark red hair colors for every skin tone (28)

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Feel like a mermaid with this romantic deep wine color! To keep your color vibrant, use a shampoo and conditioner set such asSuave Vivid Color ShampooandConditioner. We love how this set uses an amino acid complex to strengthen your hair and protect your color for up to 40 washes.

From deep copper tones to purple berry tones, there are so many dark red hair colors to try that you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your skin tone.

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What skin tone does dark red hair look good on? ›

Neutral undertones are especially lucky in this scenario. Since neutral undertones usually have a mix of warm and cool tones, they can virtually work with any red hair color thrown their way. “Neutral skin tones are a little more flexible as you can wear almost anything,” says Reid.

What shade of red is best for cool skin tones? ›

For Dark/Cool Skin Tones

Try deeper burgundy or berry shades, like Cherry Red. Though the effect is still vibrantly red, this slight berry base really make this hue pop against the skin.

What is the darkest shade of red hair? ›

What is the darkest shade of natural red hair? The darker side of the red family is Auburn.

What skin type suits red hair? ›

While a little overpowering on paler skin, bright red hair colours (including coral and fire engine hues) suit medium skin tones well.

Does dark red hair make you look older? ›

Too brassy

Too much of a reddish orange undertone in your hair can make it look dull and damaged—the typical signs of aging hair, says celebrity hairstylist Gabriel Samra. The red tones can also make your skin look redder and rob skin of a youthful glow, adds Kyle White, senior stylist at Oscar Blandi.

How do I choose the right red hair color? ›

Cool complexions look best with peach, pink, ginger, auburn, cinnamon, cool copper and more saturated red hair colors. If you have a warm undertone, you should consider bright and bold shades of red, such as a copper, chestnut, burgundy and chocolate cherry hair color. For neutral undertones, there are no restrictions.

Does red look good on all skin tones? ›

Which skin tones wear red best? *Anyone* can wear red! You just have to find the right shade for your specific skin. For example, cool shades of red typically work better with fairer skin tones, while darker skin tones look great with rich, deep shades of red.

How do you tell if red hair will look good on you? ›

Easy. From cool copper to fire engine red, there's a shade on the red spectrum for everyone but as a rule of thumb if your complexion is cool pair it with a cool shade, and if your complexion is warm choose a warm shade, too. In between? You'd probably suit both or more neutral tones of red.

Is dark red warm or cool? ›

Warm colors are those that evoke feelings of warmth, such as reds and oranges. Cool colors are those that evoke feelings of coolness, such as blues and greens. Very few of the paint colors you have will be pure primary colors (red, yellow, blue).

Can I pull off dark red hair? ›

Whether you're melanin-rich or the fairest of them all, you can pull off crimson hair — and we have myriad examples to prove it. If you're contemplating whether you can pull off red hair, just go ahead and stop right there.

Will red hair suit my skin tone? ›

It's a question of contrast or complement, says Josh. "To really flatter your skin tone and eye colour, it's best to complement your skin tone with a corresponding hair colour." That means, warm skin tones should opt for warm red hair colours and vice versa.

Does red hair make you look younger? ›

According to Korab, "A rich red, such as auburn or copper, will enhance brunettes and redheads. This gives the appearance of younger and more radiant skin by reflecting light around the face with its warm tint. The deep red has a kick of fiery vibrancy no matter if you go subtle or ultra-bright."

Does red hair make you look more attractive? ›

Red hair was the least favorable among both groups.

According to the study, 27 percent of males chose the blonde photo of the woman to be the most attractive, while 23 precent of women similarly preferred the blonde hair. Red hair was deemed least attractive by both groups, however.

What color does red hair clash with? ›

Avoid pastels since these colors tend to wash out those with red hair. Also avoid most oranges, yellows, and burgundy-reds. (Yellow is the wild card color— on some it looks unbelievably good and others it washes out.) Never be afraid to be bold with the colors you wear.

What color hair makes you look younger? ›

Caramel, honey, gold, copper, and strawberry give a healthy brightness that makes us look and feel younger. (Framing your face with lighter shades draws the eye away from any complexion concerns, as well.)

What colors make you look younger? ›

If you want to experiment with looking younger, start out with reds, pinks, and purples. They all have a youthful vibrancy to them that is widely recognized." Don't just take his word for it, though. Up ahead, see how the chicest over-40 celebrities are putting these youthful colors to the test.

Which hair color makes you look more attractive? ›

Blonde is Crowned the Sexiest Hair Colour of 2021!

When asked which hair colour they think is sexiest, almost a third of people said they have no preference. However, of those who did have a colour preference: Most say that blonde hair is the sexiest (31.5%)

What shade of red hair is most common? ›

Among the most widespread red hair color shades are: Cool Red Hair. Warm Red Hair. Bright Copper Hair.

What is the most common red hair color? ›

Less than 2% of the world's population have red hair

That's approximately 140 million people. Scotland boasts the highest percentage of natural redheads, with 13% (40% might carry the gene there) while Ireland comes in second with 10%.

What is the most flattering color for all skin tones? ›

No matter your skin type, you can wear pale pink, bright red, teal and dark purple with confidence, as they are all universal colors that work with all skin tones.

What are the 4 universally flattering colors? ›

According to Real Simple, four universally flattering clothing colors are Eggplant, True Red, Indian Teal, and Mellow Rose. Sounds fancy, right? Each of these colors is either in a neutral place on the color-wheel or an opposite color of our skin tone which makes them very flattering.

What color red is most attractive? ›

The mean of male respondents for high-chroma and medium-value red was the highest among the different shades of red. Female respondents also evaluated high-chroma and medium-value red as the most attractive red compared to the others.

Who can pull off red hair? ›

Freckles, pale skin and light eyes work best with strawberry blonde and copper reds. Darker eyes with cooler skin tones work best with deeper true reds and violet tones,” Rick explains. Emma Stone, a natural blonde, pulls off copper effortlessly while Rihanna's complexion is compatible with a true red.

What are the advantages of having red hair? ›

According to Health Magazine, redheads can produce their own vitamin D when exposed to low levels of light. 4. You may not need as much pain medication. The gene responsible for red hair (MC1R) also releases a hormone that is similar to endorphins which limit the feeling of pain.

What is your personality if you have red hair? ›

They are typified as impulsive, quick-tempered, libidinous, and wild. The personalities of people with red hair are often believed to be imitative of their red hair, and they are seen as fiery, hot-tempered, hot-blooded, passionate, and angry.

Is dark red an attractive color? ›

RED VS BLACK: As per Kramer, “Red is traditionally seen as the colour of love, but more recently research has shown that both black and red are perceived as equally attractive and that the two colours may simply increase attractiveness in different ways.”

What is the warmest color red? ›

Think of the color wheel as a clock where every hour marks a new color family. Absolutely warm and cool colors can be found at 0 (red – the warmest color) and 180 (cyan – the coolest color) degrees.

Is dark red a cold color? ›

An imaginary dividing line running through the color wheel separates the colors into warm and cool. Red, orange, and yellow are warm colors, while blue, green, and purple are cool.

How hard is it to maintain dark red hair? ›

Red can be a pretty high-maintenance color. According to Pickthorn, “red is the hardest to get, hardest to keep and hardest to get rid of.” To keep up with the quickly fading shade, clients should plan to touch up and refresh their red every 6-8 weeks.

Does dark red hair clash with clothes? ›

Red hair brings its own statement to the fashion scene, and it can even be enhanced with smart clothing selections. Too many redheads shy away from bright colors in fear of clashing with their hair and skin tones, but wearing the purest saturated colors are often the best look for those with red locks.

What does red hair fade too? ›

And even then, red hair is prone to fading and looking orange or brassy. It's important to only use hair care products designed for color-treated-hair, and protect your strands from things like heat, chlorine, and environmental pollution.

Will red hair make my face look more red? ›

Here are some things you should know when considering “hints of red”. Contrary to popular belief, reds are actually GREAT for those with pink/redness to their skin. Red tones in the hair will often “upstage” the red tones in your skin and make blemishes, acne and rosacea less obvious.

What nationality had red hair? ›

Red hair is most commonly found at the northern and western fringes of Europe; it is centred around populations in the British Isles and is particularly associated with the Celtic nations.

What nationality has red hair? ›

Red hair has long been associated with Celtic people. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans described the Celts as redheads. The Romans extended the description to Germanic people, at least those they most frequently encountered in southern and western Germany. It still holds true today.

Is strawberry red hair rare? ›

Having natural red hair is rare (like, two percent of the population rare), so coming across someone with natural strawberry blonde hair isn't common. While you may not be a natural-born redhead, your colorist can help you achieve your ideal strawberry blonde shade at the salon.

Why do redheads not age well? ›

Redheads Look Older Than They Are

That wasn't because redheads had more wrinkles, which you might guess since they're more prone to sun damage. The researcher showed the MC1R gene variant correlated to thinning lips, sagging skin along the jawline, and other visible signs of aging.

What colour does red hair go to in old age? ›

When red hair follicles stop producing their gingerish pigment, the colour fades from red through a glorious spectrum of faded copper to rosy-blonde colours, through to silvery-white. It's a sight to be seen, giving an almost autumnal effect as your red hair moves into its 'silver fox' phase.

What hair color is in for 2023? ›

An overall 2023 hair trend you'll be noticing? Light-to-medium brown shades. “People will be taking their color deeper this year,” says hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein, “even if it's just a darker, more blended shade of blonde, or a creamy mushroom brown.”

What hair length is most attractive? ›

One of the most popular hair chart length options is definitely the shoulder length (12 inch). The main reason why so many women prefer the type is that it borrows the best features from the medium and long mane. Thus, any look you opt for will turn out to be trendy and chic.

Why are men attracted to redheads? ›

When you see their full, red hair, it makes you think of danger and adventure. A number of men have admitted that redheads make them feel like they're up for the ride of their lives. They admit to having a thrill when they see them and want more of that red-hot adrenaline rush.

What should you not wear with red hair? ›

What Not to Wear: The sunny shades of yellow and orange are too strong. True white isn't as good of a choice as off-white or cream. Pink, especially bubble gum pink, doesn't really flatter, but a bolder pink might. Red clothing isn't a great color for red hair, especially orange-red or burgundy.

What color jewelry should redheads wear? ›

To contrast the intense heat from red hair, it's useful to opt for colors that are muted and earth-toned. By choosing neutral colors, both the hair color and gemstone color will truly be able to shine. Dark greens, deep blues and yellows will look stunning with red hair.

How do you know if dark red hair will suit you? ›

Consider Your Undertone

If a client has a cooler skin undertone, no matter how dark or fair, generally a warmer red that reflects golden or orange tones is more suitable.” So if you have rosy undertones, you should go for coppers, orangey reds, auburn and strawberry blonde shades.

Does red hair look good on cool skin tones? ›

Natural redheads usually have fair skin with cool undertones, and it's a stunning combination. So if you have cool skin tones, opt for a natural auburn or mahogany shade. Avoid copper or orange as this will wash you out. Deep purple tones and berry reds also look incredibly flattering on cooler skin tones.

Is it hard to maintain dark red hair? ›

Red hair color is notoriously hard to maintain, as red molecules are the biggest in size, and therefore, leech out the quickest from the hair strand. Not many people can afford to maintain an even, flawless shade of red because of this upkeep, making it a rather prestigious and high-maintenance color choice.


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