2023 Towing tractors and trucks | Championship tractor pull (2023)


6,350 LB modified 4x4 trucks




6,350 LB modified 4x4 trucks

Vehicle:Risky business

Driver:Joe Claypoole

Hometown:Macon, MO


Driver:Steve Clem

Hometown:Versailles, KY


Driver:Tyler Corsa

Hometown:Mineral Bluff, GA

Vehicle:foster child

Driver:Carmen Foster

Hometown:Brinbridge, IN

Vehicle:Runnin' Wild Texas Style

Driver:Charlie Hinds

Hometown:Quitman, TX

Vehicle:Grounds for divorce

Driver:Dean Hitchock

Hometown:Montrose, PA

Vehicle:The Punisher

Driver:Larry Jarrell

Hometown:Gallipolis, OH


Driver:Daniel Johnson

Hometown:Baxley, GA

Vehicle:hot woman

Driver:Charlie Miller

Hometown:Creston, IA


Driver:Ted Skelton

Hometown:Harvard, IL


Driver:Graham Young

Hometown:Versailles, KY

Vehicle:Rule #19

Driver:Jake Zaring

Hometown:Fillmore, IN

9,300 LB super farm tractors




9,300 LB super farm tractors


Driver:Lee Butts

Hometown:Fairgrove, MI

Vehicle:Evil intentions

Driver:Charlie Capozzo

Hometown:Richmond, MI

Vehicle:Maximum overdrive

Driver:Clay Darnell

Hometown:Cynthiana, KY

Vehicle:Twisted Deere

Driver:Casey Fritz

Hometown:Boscobel, WI

Vehicle:Thumpin' Pumpkin

Driver:Shane Masten

Hometown:Niles, MI

Vehicle:Bad Boy

Driver:Daniel McDonald

Hometown:Red Springs, NC

Vehicle:Spanky's toys

Driver:Bret Roberts

Hometown:David City, NE

Vehicle:New attitude

Driver:Gary Schyvinch

Hometown:Reedsburg, WI

Vehicle:Fast and furious

Driver:Don Slam

Hometown:LaValle, WI

Vehicle:Farm Fed Deere

Driver:Adam Vaughn

Hometown:Wartrace, TN

Vehicle:My last apology

Driver:David Whelan

Hometown:Tipton, MI

Vehicle:The thunder struck

Driver:Brad Woods

Hometown:Jackson, TN

7,500 LB modified tractors




7,500 LB modified tractors

Vehicle:Renk Frö

Driver:Bret Berg

Hometown:Farmington, MN

Vehicle:Money Pit

Driver:Steve Bollinger

Hometown:Taylorville, IL

Vehicle:Taking a Lickin

Driver:Steve Bunnage

Hometown:Golden Gate, IL

Vehicle:Second degree burn

Driver:Craig Corzine

Hometown:Assumption, IL

Vehicle:Corporate penalty

Driver:The corporals

Hometown:Marion, IN


Driver:Bill Leischner

Hometown:Weldon, IL

Vehicle:Candy floss

Driver:Cameron Neaves

Hometown:McAdoo, TX

Vehicle:Ramblin' Rose

Driver:Thomas Owens

Hometown:Montgomery, NY

Vehicle:Get dizzy

Driver:Ricky Rose

Hometown:Glencoe, MN

Vehicle:Simon Sez

Driver:Brandon Simons

Hometown:Farley, IA


Driver:Wayne Sullivan

Hometown:Warsaw, KY

Vehicle:Full Blown Wicked

Driver:Doug Theobald

Hometown:Shelbyville, IN

10,200 LB Pro Stock Tractors

(Video) Tractor Pulling 2023: Mini Rod Tractors. The Pullers Championship. Saturday Session




10,200 LB Pro Stock Tractors

Vehicle:Tool times 2

Driver:Randy Barreau

Hometown:Baraboo, WI

Vehicle:Tinker toys

Driver:Darryl Folz

Hometown:Grandview, IN

Vehicle:Loose cannon

Driver:Russell Hildenbrand

Hometown:Connellsville, PA

Vehicle:say stress

Driver:Cory Hoyt

Hometown:Shickshinny, PA

Vehicle:Wheat Fed

Driver:David Justison

Hometown:Hillsboro, IL

Vehicle:The player

Driver:Steven Lagrange

Hometown:Quebec, Canada

Vehicle:Revvelation Pro

Driver:John Link

Hometown:Hereford, TX

Vehicle:Gang Green

Driver:Gary Porter

Hometown:Mercer, MO

Vehicle:Work horse

Driver:Rob Russell

Hometown:Prescott, IA

Vehicle:Buck Eater 2

Driver:Mickey Shorter

Hometown:Sullivan, IN


9,300 LB super farm tractors




9,300 LB super farm tractors

Vehicle:Check'n Out

Driver:Ryan Andersen

Hometown:Hoopeston, IL

Vehicle:Deer thresher

Driver:Russ Freeze

Hometown:Manchester, TN

Vehicle:Walkin Tall

Driver:Joe Hildenbrand

Hometown:Manchester, IA

Vehicle:Blue Bye U

Driver:Andy Keyes

Hometown:Burlington, WI

Vehicle:Short circuit

Driver:Kyle Larson

Hometown:Mondovi, WI

Vehicle:High maintenance

Driver:Josh Miley

Hometown:Francisco, IN


Driver:Eddie Roe

Hometown:Paris, KY

Vehicle:Running Buck Wild

Driver:Andy Schwenk

Hometown:Jasper, IN

Vehicle:Wolverine Deere

Driver:Tony Sietsema

Hometown:Allendale, MI

Vehicle:Saturday Night Hooker

Driver:Jeff Solley

Hometown:New Galilee, PA

Vehicle:44 Special Reloaded

Driver:Jason Van De Weert

Hometown:Addison, VT

Vehicle:Holy Smokes

Driver:Steve Yaggy

Hometown:Rochester, MN

6,200LB 2WD super modified trucks




6,200LB 2WD super modified trucks

Vehicle:Sawmill Express

Driver:Tim Beaty

Hometown:Jamestown, TN

Vehicle:The list of things I want to achieve before I die

Driver:Dustin Bentley

Hometown:Taylorville, KY

Vehicle:Rollin' Thunder

Driver:Jeffrey Boucher

Hometown:Hudson Falls, NY


Driver:Ashely Corzine

Hometown:Assumption, IL

Vehicle:Wild 'N Blue

Driver:Brandon Lee

Hometown:Zebulon, NC

Vehicle:Baffalo's Chips

Driver:Richard Morris

Hometown:Neosho, MO

Vehicle:Whip it

Driver:Donald Nelson

Hometown:Cat Spring, TX

Vehicle:Midnight Gambler

Driver:Jeremy Nelson

Hometown:Sidney, IL

Vehicle:On the edge

Driver:Russ Nichols

Hometown:Lore City, OH

Vehicle:High cotton

Driver:Cameron Paschall

Hometown:McAdoo, TX

Vehicle:Kathy's complaint

Driver:Jessie Petro

Hometown:Camden, OH

Vehicle:Nuthin EZ Bout It

Driver:Brent Secret

Hometown:Celina, OH

9,500 LB Limited Pro Stock Tractors




9,500 LB Limited Pro Stock Tractors

Vehicle:Change of pace

Driver:Brennan stammer

Hometown:Medon, IL


Driver:Dusty berry

Hometown:Eufaula, okay

Vehicle:Secret weapon 4.1

Driver:André Bourdeau

Hometown:Swaton, VT

(Video) Tractor Pulling 2023: Pro Stock Tractors. The Pullers Championship. Saturday Session

Vehicle:Special edition

Driver:Steve Bousema

Hometown:Worthington, MN

Vehicle:Hickory Hooker

Driver:Adrian Cox

Hometown:Trenton, MO

Vehicle:Running in the red

Driver:Nick Gallitz

Hometown:Helenville, WI

Vehicle:Dairy'In Deere

Driver:Colin Leer

Hometown:Readston, WI

Vehicle:Hyper Harvester

Driver:Kevin Lindstrom

Hometown:Ellsworth, WI

Vehicle:Bad for the leg

Driver:Patrick Payne

Hometown:Finger, TN

Vehicle:Drunken pig

Driver:In that Ratermann

Hometown:Bartelso, IL

Vehicle:Unfinished business

Driver:Jay Ruff

Hometown:Garrettsville, OH

Vehicle:Like no other

Driver:Makinze Trinklein

Hometown:Jefferson City, MO

10,200 LB Pro Stock Tractors




10,200 LB Pro Stock Tractors

Vehicle:Green with envy

Driver:Dennis Brown

Hometown:Clay, KY

Vehicle:Red Gambler

Driver:Cain Team

Hometown:New Palestine IN

Vehicle:Cotton Pick'n Deere

Driver:Christopher sofa

Hometown:Jackson, TN

Vehicle:T-8 Tomcat

Driver:Greg Elsing

Hometown:Prairie Du Sac, WI

Vehicle:Ticket Binder

Driver:Jack Maize

Hometown:Amity, MO

Vehicle:Bulletproof Buck

Driver:Clint Metting

Hometown:Nordheim, TX

Vehicle:Money on black

Driver:Peter Norton

Hometown:Franklin, IN

Vehicle:Mac Daddy

Driver:Julia Ray

Hometown:Beloit, OH

Vehicle:Young blood

Driver:Braden Shramek

Hometown:Williamsburg, MO

Vehicle:Raw strength

Driver:RJ Simon

Hometown:Farley, IA

Vehicle:Diehard Deere

Driver:Travis Wileman

Hometown:Edgerton, WI

Vehicle:Barely passes

Driver:Jack Wischmeier

Hometown:Brownstown, IN


9,500 LB Limited Pro Stock Tractors




9,500 LB Limited Pro Stock Tractors

Vehicle:Diggin' for a Livin'

Driver:Chris Aschliman

Hometown:Hollandale, WI

Vehicle:Over occupation

Driver:Nick Audet

Hometown:Bridport, VT


Driver:Danny Barker

Hometown:Shelbyville, IL

Vehicle:Side piece

Driver:George Beyer

Hometown:Sheldon, IA

Vehicle:Limited edition

Driver:Mike Bousema

Hometown:Worthington, MN

Vehicle:Weekend warrior

Driver:Jon Calvery

Hometown:Allensville, KY

Vehicle:Dixie Deere

Driver:Colby Counce

Hometown:Ethridge, TN

Vehicle:G force

Driver:Mike Gerlach

Hometown:Stockton, IL

Vehicle:International dependence

Driver:Andrew Hartman

Hometown:Haubstadt, IN

Vehicle:Bad self

Driver:Greg Kenreigh

Hometown:Salem, OH


Driver:Matt Lindstrom

Hometown:Hager City, WI

Vehicle:The poor farmer

Driver:David Novak

Hometown:Howells, NE

6,200LB 2WD super modified trucks




6,200LB 2WD super modified trucks

Vehicle:Lil Whip

Driver:Mendy Brown

Hometown:Cat Spring, TX

Vehicle:Madd Maxx

Driver:Alan Cain

Hometown:West Alexandria, OH

Vehicle:Nævefuld dollars

Driver:Clay Chastain

Hometown:Brownstown, IN

Vehicle:Run and tell it

Driver:Dustin Corliss

Hometown:Cat Spring, TX

Vehicle:Barbed wire

Driver:Wesley Foster

Hometown:Woodbury, TN

(Video) Tractor & Truck Pulling Mishaps - 2022 - Wild Rides & Fires!

Vehicle:Buckeye Hauler

Driver:Joey Frasur

Hometown:Liberty, IN


Driver:Chad Mayhill

Hometown:Reynolds, IN

Vehicle:Simon Sez Chevy

Driver:RJ Simon

Hometown:Farley, IA

Vehicle:Big Ed Red

Driver:Donnie Sullivan

Hometown:Warsaw, KY

Vehicle:Knight delivery

Driver:Danny Taylor

Hometown:Lore City, OH

Vehicle:Ret ond

Driver:Renee Theobald

Hometown:Shelbyville, IN


Driver:Michael White

Hometown:Lafayette, TN

Super Stock tractors




Super Stock tractors

Vehicle:Considered Armed & Dangerous HD

Driver:Josh Blackbourn

Hometown:Newton, WI

Vehicle:Extremely armed and dangerous

Driver:Terry Blackbourn

Hometown:Newton, WI

Vehicle:Lock-n Load

Driver:Steve Burge

Hometown:Lynn, IN

Vehicle:Run in Bare

Driver:Jeff Hirt

Hometown:Port Clinton, OH

Vehicle:Ol' Woody

Driver:Dave Hovden

Hometown:Decorah, IA

Vehicle:Livin A Dream

Driver:Brandon Hunt

Hometown:Herndon, KY

Vehicle:Silver ball

Driver:Jordan Lustik

Hometown:Eighty Four, PA


Driver:Brent Payne

Hometown:Clinton, NC

Vehicle:Super Rooster

Driver:Kent Payne

Hometown:Veedersburg, IN

Vehicle:Triple Bypass

Driver:Colin Ross

Hometown:Waynesburg, PA

Vehicle:Bone Twister

Driver:Travis Schlabach

Hometown:Marengo, IA

Vehicle:Galot II

Driver:John Strickland

Hometown:Clinton, NC

10,200 LB Pro Stock Tractors




10,200 LB Pro Stock Tractors

Vehicle:Aces Wild

Driver:Chris Cain

Hometown:New Palestine IN

Vehicle:Mac Nasty

Driver:Mike Conny

Hometown:Beloit, OH

Vehicle:High cotton

Driver:Ken sofa

Hometown:Jackson, TN


Driver:Travis Kuhns

Hometown:Arthur, IL

Vehicle:Straight out of line

Driver:Robby Lemke

Hometown:Helenville, WI

Vehicle:The Linder brothers

Driver:Mike Linder

Hometown:Edison, OH

Vehicle:River Rat

Driver:Kevin Masterson

Hometown:Grandview, IN

Vehicle:Bullock cart

Driver:Conner meeting

Hometown:Nordheim, TX

Vehicle:Added funds

Driver:Brent Meyer

Hometown:Redgranite, WI


Driver:Rhett Parish

Hometown:Marion, KY


Driver:Jason Rauen

Hometown:Farley, IA

Vehicle:Git Er Dun Deere

Driver:Kevin Schmucker

Hometown:Louisville, OH


7.500 LB 4x4 Super Stock Diesel Trucks




7.500 LB 4x4 Super Stock Diesel Trucks

Vehicle:I Nation

Driver:Carl Butler

Hometown:Oxford, PA

Vehicle:Shot diesel

Driver:Kent Crowder

Hometown:Attica, IN


Driver:Chase Or

Hometown:Lafayette, TN

Vehicle:Rock hard frame

Driver:Van Haisley

Hometown:Fairmount, IN

Vehicle:Sound of Madness

Driver:Stoney Hargett

Hometown:Bells, TN

Vehicle:On borrowed time

Driver:Aiden Hodges

Hometown:Avella, PA

Vehicle:Shot diesel

Driver:Brady Ingram

Hometown:Mel, IL

(Video) 2023 TNT Kentucky Invitational! Pro Street Semi Truck Pulling! Friday & Saturday Sessions!

Vehicle:The nut job

Driver:Brion Withrow

Hometown:Albany, OH

Vehicle:Cross Wired

Driver:Keith Witt

Hometown:Warrenton, MO

Vehicle:Wishful thinking

Driver:Jeremy Yeager

Hometown:Bloomindale, OH

8.500 LB Light Pro Stock traktorer




8.500 LB Light Pro Stock traktorer

Vehicle:Weekend mistress

Driver:Kurt Afdahl

Hometown:Hammond, WI

Vehicle:Hi-Gear Harvestor

Driver:Kendall Beasley

Hometown:Clayton, NC

Vehicle:Black Thunder

Driver:Alan Cook

Hometown:Wilton, WI


Driver:Kevin Giddens

Hometown:Flora, IN

Vehicle:Just another Buck

Driver:Justin Grimes

Hometown:Osborn, MO

Vehicle:Never Enough

Driver:Fred Hoch

Hometown:Shippensburg, PA

Vehicle:Just started

Driver:Justin Hopkins

Hometown:Promise City, IA

Vehicle:A poor binder

Driver:Adam Luhnow

Hometown:Kewanna, IN

Vehicle:Too relentless

Driver:Jim Meadows

Hometown:Tollesboro, KY

Vehicle:The bandit

Driver:Devin Riggin

Hometown:Vanderbilt, PA

Vehicle:Altid $methin'

Driver:Travis Tilton

Hometown:Bellville, OH

Vehicle:Just necessities

Driver:Mark repetition

Hometown:Clarksville, OH

6,400 LB Lightweight Superstock Alcohol Tractors




6,400 LB Lightweight Superstock Alcohol Tractors

Vehicle:Armed and dangerously excessive force

Driver:Terry Blackbourn

Hometown:Newton, WI

Vehicle:Considered armed and dangerous

Driver:Josh Blackbourn

Hometown:Newton, WI

Vehicle:Another me

Driver:Bryan Bowles

Hometown:Mt Vernon, MO

Vehicle:On the edge

Driver:martin daniel

Hometown:Bradyville, TN

Vehicle:Forced decision

Driver:Henry Everman

Hometown:Dansville, NY

Vehicle:Tennessee spor

Driver:Jacob Fuqua

Hometown:Springfield, TN

Vehicle:Field sobriety

Driver:Bobby Jones

Hometown:Pleasant Hill, IL

Vehicle:Night watchman

Driver:Jacob Kesler

Hometown:Dewey, IL

Vehicle:Extremely insane

Driver:Larry Phillips

Hometown:Vine Grove, KY

Vehicle:Bright and tall

Driver:Brandon Phillips

Hometown:Vine Grove, KY

Vehicle:Detonator Sort

Driver:Adam Spiegelberg

Hometown:Weyauwega, WI

Vehicle:Gunpowder & Lead

Driver:Marcus Welleson

Hometown:Postville, IA

10,200 LB Pro Stock Tractors




10,200 LB Pro Stock Tractors

Vehicle:Loud and heavy X

Driver:Michael Boyd

Hometown:Farley, IA


Driver:Carlton Cope

Hometown:Salem, OH

Vehicle:Never give up

Driver:Craig Ladwig

Hometown:Playmouth, WI

Vehicle:High Rollin Deere

Driver:Jamieson Lagrange

Hometown:St Isidore, Canada

Vehicle:The generation Plus

Driver:Esdon Lemke

Hometown:Helenville, WI

Vehicle:Think green

Driver:Josh Martin

Hometown:Chambersburg, PA


Driver:Danny Schmucker

Hometown:Louisville, OH


Driver:Blaine Stamm

Hometown:Lena, IL

Vehicle:Rollin Stone

Driver:Tim Stone

Hometown:Greensburg, IN

Vehicle:Genuine Deere Pro

Driver:Justin Wagler

Hometown:Morgantown, IN

Vehicle:Whisky Wild

Driver:Steve Wischmeier

Hometown:Brownstown, IN


How much weight do tractor pulls pull? ›

There is light Super Stock class which is 2,800 kilograms (6,200 lb) and the Heavy Super Stock Classes that are 3,630–3,740 kilograms (8,000–8,250 lb).

What distance is a tractor pull full pull? ›

Full Pulls, Floating Finishes and Pull-Offs

The traditional standard for a pulling track is 300 feet. At some events, 300 feet is considered the full-pull mark, while the full-pull distance is set by the first truck to pass the 300-foot mark at other venues.

What is the most powerful tractor pulling? ›

Tractor pulling is called “The World's Most Powerful Motor Sport” with some machines producing in excess of 9000 horsepower.

How much horsepower does an unlimited tractor pull have? ›

These machines can create in excess of 5,000 horsepower weighing 6,200 pounds. Most of the engines have been modified to run on methanol fuel, although rarely fans will see a diesel-fueled Super Stock joining in the fray. Unlike all other forms of stock classes, the alcohol tractors do not blow plumes of black smoke.

What is the biggest tractor pull in the world? ›

People travel from all over the world to visit and take part in the festivities at the National Tractor Pulling Championships. For 54 years, Bowling Green has been locally and internationally known to be the home to the National Tractor Pulling Championships (NTPC).

How much can a John Deere tractor pull? ›

8R, 8RT and 8RX Tractors can be equipped with a rear hitch to handle up to 20,000 lb (9072 kg).

How long do tractor pulls usually last? ›

During a typical "pull," approximately 12 tractors compete in pulling a 40- to 50-ton sled across a 75-m (82-yd)-long dirt surface in the fastest time. A tractor-pull event lasts approximately 2 hrs and involves 25 individual pulls.

What's the point of tractor pulling? ›

Tractor Pulling is known as “the world's heaviest motorsport.” The goal of tractor pulling is to determine the strongest machine and the best driver. Different to every other motorsport in the world, it is not about the speed, but distance pulled. The pulling track is a minimum of 30 feet wide by 320 feet long.

How much horsepower does a mini rod pulling tractor have? ›

With motor combinations that make roughly 1100 horsepower and weighing a little under 1 ton, they can achieve wheel speeds of over 100 mph and travel down the track at over 35mph.

What is the number one best tractor in the world? ›

Mahindra Tractor Brand is the number 1 tractor selling brand in the world. It is an India manufacturer which produces quality feature tractors according to the want of the farmers. Mahindra always works for the betterment of the farmers. They supply tractors as per the requirement and area over worldwide.

How much does the average pulling tractor cost? ›

"You have to look around and watch around." "Some guys spend $12,000 just in the motor," Walter said. In the pro-stock class, it isn't unheard of to spend upwards of $60,000. Though the activity can gobble up plenty of cash, the winning pull doesn't always come from the most expensive machine.

Who builds pulling tractor engines? ›

Colberg Hi-Performance is at the forefront of engineering, technology and innovation for pulling tractors. We have developed a wide array of custom parts and proprietary techniques that consistently put our clients in the winners circle. We build engines and complete turn-key pulling tractors.

What engines are in pro stock pulling tractors? ›

Pro Stock tractors weigh 10,000 pounds with a 680cid engine with a single turbo. Water injection is allowed.

How much can a 25 hp tractor pull? ›

Both tractors have 25 engine horsepower. The rule of thumb on pulled loads is the load should not exceed 1.5 times the amount of weight of the pulling vehicle. This means the 25 horsepower 1025R can handle a towed load of approximately 3,100 lbs and the 3025D can handle nearly 5,200 lbs.

What is the most produced tractor ever? ›

During the 15-year production run of the N-series Fords, over 840,000 of these tractor would be built and sold, marking it as one of the most popular tractor series of all time.

What is the biggest tractor made today? ›

The Big Bud 747, a one-off that rolled out of the factory in 1977, is considered the largest farm tractor in the world. It's so swole, it makes an International Harvester look like a Mini Cooper. The Big Bud 747 weighs in at 135,000 pounds fully ballasted and its 1,000-gallon fuel tank topped off.

Which country has the most tractors in the world? ›

Slovenia is the top country by number of tractors in the world.

What is the biggest tractor pull in the US? ›

The Pulltown National Tractor Pulling Championship in Bowling Green, Ohio, is the largest tractor-pulling championship in the world. People travel from all over the world to visit and take part in the festivities at NTPC.

What is the price of John Deere most powerful tractor? ›

5.40 Lakh*. The most expensive John Deere Tractor is John Deere 6120 B price at Rs. 30.10 Lakh* - 31.30 Lakh*.

How much weight can a John Deere x350 pull? ›

John Deere X350 Specs
Engine TypeFR651V
Max. Towing Capacity600 lbs.
Length / Height71.5 in. / 46.1 in.
WeightStarting at 543 lbs.
Mower Deck42- or 48-in. wide Accel Deep
2 more rows

Is a tractor pull loud? ›

The sound of a tractor pull can reach 110 decibels and can cause permanent hearing loss if no hearing protection is used.

How many hours does a tractor engine last? ›

When it comes to purchasing a used tractor, the engine should still work after 5,000 to 10,000 hours. However, other aspects of the machine, like the transmission, clutches, hydraulics, and more may need to be replaced to keep the tractor in good running order.

How much does the sled weigh on a tractor pull? ›

A bare, 32,000-pound sled is weighted up at various levels depending on the class in competition. For the Modified Tractor class, a full load of 14, 2000-pound blocks are in use to keep that class in check for a total sled weight of 60,000 pounds.

Is it bad to ride the clutch in a tractor? ›

In a vehicle with a manual transmission, such as a tractor, riding the clutch refers to the practice of needlessly keeping the clutch partially disengaged. This results in the clutch being unable to fully engage with the flywheel and so causes premature wear on the disc and flywheel.

Who came up with tractor pulling? ›

The sport truly took a turn when Ohio brothers, Carl and Paul Bosse, took the first big lead into modifying their tractor. Tractors remained single engine until the brothers introduced the crossbox, which could allow multiple engines to be attached to a single driveshaft.

What is the prize money for the Pro Pulling League? ›

Just like at the drag races, spectator tickets get fans into the pits where they can interact with drivers and check out the insanely powerful multi-engine pulling rigs. Drivers are competing for a share of a $250,000 purse, so the sled pulling action is sure to be intense.

What is the highest horsepower versatile tractor? ›

Launched in 2013, the Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620 is the world's largest fuel efficient and most powerful tractor. The tractor's 12.9-L Case IH FPT engine with two-stage turbocharging can put out a maximum of 682 HP.

What is the average horsepower of a farm tractor? ›

51-90 hp range refers to the utility tractors that handle all the farming tasks in the large farm field. This horsepower range makes the tractor more stable on challenging tasks. They can easily handle larger and wider implements at a faster speed.

What is the most HP in a tractor ever? ›

AGCO Challenger MT975E

Being also the most powerful tractor in the world, all its components are impressive. So, it has a 600 horsepower engine, a 400-gallon (1,514 liters) tank, the industry's biggest bar axle of 5.7 in (145 mm) that offers durability, and the widest frame in the industry.

What is the best tractor in the world 2023? ›

On Wednesday, November 9, the jury of the awarded the Fendt 728 Vario as "Tractor of the Year 2023" at the EIMA in Bologna, Italy.

Are tractors more powerful than trucks? ›

A type of truck that is designed to pull a trailer. Tractors are more powerful than your average truck, as they have to be able to pull a much heavier weight than what's possible for regular cargo-carrying vehicles.

What is the most rugged tractor? ›

Kubota ranks highest among tractor brands for both Overall Durability and Overall Customer Experience. John Deere ranks highest among tractor brands for Overall Loyalty.

What is the most popular tractor in Canada? ›

John Deere and New Holland dominated the Canada agricultural tractor market with a collective market share of over 50%.

What is the most popular tractor brand in Canada? ›

John Deere and New Holland dominated the Canada tractors market with a collective market share of over 50%.

What is the number 1 selling tractor in the USA? ›

1. John Deere. John Deere is the largest farm machinery manufacturer in the world with $44 billion in sales in 2021. It is the most well-recognized brand in the United States with an especially strong reputation for durable full-size tractors.

How much can semi tractor pull? ›

By law, single-axle semis can haul up to 20,000 pounds. A double-axle semi, also called a tandem axle, can haul up to 34,000 pounds. These limits include the freight and trailer weight combined.

How much weight is on a tractor pull sled? ›

A bare, 32,000-pound sled is weighted up at various levels depending on the class in competition. For the Modified Tractor class, a full load of 14, 2000-pound blocks are in use to keep that class in check for a total sled weight of 60,000 pounds.

How much can the average tractor trailer pull? ›

The weight maximum for a semi-truck with a loaded trailer legally allowed in the United States is 80,000 pounds. A semi-truck without a trailer weighs between 10,000 and 25,000 pounds, depending on the size.

What do tractors pull in tractor pulls? ›

Tractor pulling is a competitive motor sport in which modified farm tractors, modified tractors or trucks drag a metal sled along a prescribed course.

How heavy is the sled in a truck pull? ›

Weight Block- Most sleds use a “full block” that weighs 2,000 pounds and a “half block” weighs 1,000 pounds. Pan- Applies the force of the weight to the ground creating needed friction. The sled starts with only the front of the pan touching the ground.

How much weight can a semi tractor pull? ›

By law, single-axle semis can haul up to 20,000 pounds. A double-axle semi, also called a tandem axle, can haul up to 34,000 pounds. These limits include the freight and trailer weight combined.

How do tractors pull so much weight? ›

The aggressive gearing of a farm tractor's low-horsepower, high-torque engine allows pulling of heavy loads at a very, very slow pace.

How much weight can a full size truck pull? ›

Class III — Generally used for full-size vans, trucks, and SUVs, Class III hitches can pull up to 5,000 pounds and withstand a tongue weight of 800 pounds. You might use a Class III hitch to tow a medium or midsize camper or boat.

What truck can tow 80000 lbs? ›

Tesla Semi Debuts With 500 Miles of Range, 80,000 lb Towing Capacity.

What is the maximum weight for a 53 foot trailer in Canada? ›

53-foot flatbed trailers can typically haul between 45,000-48,000 pounds.

What is the tire pressure for truck pulling? ›

between 20 to 30 psi


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