Gabriel Shock's Review in 2022 - is it any good? (2023)

Gabriel Shocks is a product that has grown in popularity in recent years. Many people are curious about what Gabriel shocks are and how they work. In this post, we will discuss the rating of Gabriel shock absorbers, their advantages and how to use them. We hope that after reading this post you will have a better understanding of what Gabriel shock absorbers are and whether or not it is the right product for you.

Nobody wants to have a rough driving experience on every journey. Without the perfect shock absorbers, your vehicle can experience unstable and uncontrolled driving problems. Choosing the right shock absorbers is more important than anything else.

As a professional machine, people always expect me to serve up the most effective suggestions. I have used so many shock absorbers on different vehicles over the last few years. But a few months ago I gave the famous brand "Gabriel" a chance. With her bundles of varieties in shock, I was impressed. So, in this article, the “Gabriel shock absorber report” will be introduced to you in detail.

Gabriel Shock's review

Gabriel Shock's Review in 2022 - is it any good? (1)

If you've gone through the best shock absorbers list, I'm pretty sure you've heard of Gabriel. This particular company has conquered the international shock absorber manufacturer in recent years. They ensure a reasonable price range with quality material.

The products

In the long run, Gabriel shock absorbers can be the perfect choice for your vehicle. They claim to last 50,000+ miles. Also, any faded and rough driving problems can go away with the Gabriel shock absorbers. Gabriel assures that his products deliver the perfect varieties. Nothing can work well if you don't use the right shock absorbers for your vehicle.

The origin

Gabriel manufactures its products in Mexico, but supplies the whole country. You will get the shock of Gabriel's popularity around the world through the internet. You may get a ton of reviews and ratings from the biggest automotive sites.

(Video) Gabriel Heavy Duty Shocks and How They Keep Your Ride Smooth - Gear Up With Gregg's

The price

Some may find Gabriel shocks priced a bit higher. But the expensive range obviously has a reason. The company doesn't seem to compromise on product quality. That's why Gabriel's shock test lets you stand behind every ride for maximum safety, comfort and control.

My opinion

After so much controversy and days of research, I finally found the courage to spend money on these dampers. It's been a few months now and still the shock to me is worth the recognition. Let's dig deeper to learn more about the Gabriel Shock review.

What does Gabriel Shocks do best?

Gabriel claims to make ideal shock absorbers for every car and truck. There are certain things that make the brand stand out among all. Most reviews say the Gabriel shocks are value for money.

But the question comes when someone asks how they actually stand exotic. What are the things that best shock Gabriel? Let's check here the actual facts that everyone wants to know:

supreme control

Gabriel shock absorbers are super handy with the control system. By choosing the right kind of surprise from the company, you will eliminate all problems with your steering vehicle system. This thing will no doubt keep you safe on the most demanding road.

High quality material

Be it socks or aspirations, Gabriel has never backed down when it came to product quality. Their no-compromise policy on material can undoubtedly increase the price range. Still, the service is worth its price in the long run.

Smoothest ride ever

You will notice the difference as soon as you step on it. I spent this shock expecting to get a smooth ride. But the shocks put my riding in the really smoothest spot. I have never had the feeling of experiencing such driving pleasure.


Another reason for the reputation as the best is that Gabriel has the best range with availability. They ensure their products reach every corner of the world through international automotive marketing so customers can get them whenever they want.

Extreme range

Gabriel is good at launching strains with their mechanisms. We're only talking about shocks here. The company is still known for its extreme range of other automotive products for every car/truck.

(Video) Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier Shock Ford Ranger

easy installation

The installation process seems difficult in most shock cases. But with the Gabriel, you just saved yourself the additional =installation effort. If you have absolutely no experience, you can take the hand of an experienced mechanic for safe and quick installation of shock absorbers on your vehicle.

Maximale Performance

From control to comfort, Gabriel assures us to deliver maximum performance on every ride. Their special design and extreme quality will no doubt make you want to spend money on a specific damper.

Gabriel Shock's price list

  • Gabriel Load Carrier Shocks - Price: $75-$85
  • Gabriel Hijacker Shocks - Price: $100-$130
  • Gabriel White Ultra Truck Shocks - Price: $25-$35
  • Genuine Gabriel Shocks - Price: $45-$55
  • Gabriel Max Control Shocks – Price: $43-$70
  • Gabriel ProGuard Shocks - Price: $22-$36
  • Gabriel FleetLine High Performance Shocks - Price: $40-$60
  • Gabriel GasSLX Shocks – Price: $65-$96
  • Gabriel Steering Damper Shocks - Price: $25-$30
  • Gabriel Heavy-Duty Specialty Shocks - Price: $75-$80
  • Gabriel GasSLX Heavy Duty Adjustable Shocks – Price: $50-$95
  • Gabriel Guardian Shocks - Price: $14-$43
  • Gabriel Classic Shocks - Price: $25-$45

Pros and Cons – Gabriel Shocks

The best way I can explain my experience with Gabriel shocks is by explaining the pros and cons. I've been using this shock switch in my vehicle for a few months now. I've learned quite a bit about shocks through the application process, Gabriel. Although I haven't used all of their collections, I can explain it to you using popular ones.


  • Highest material quality
  • It fits into a reasonable budget
  • Top performance guaranteed
  • Made with G-Force technology.
  • Works well off-road
  • Riding in OEM quality


  • Not all Gabriel shock absorbers are better suited for heavy trucks

Features and Benefits of Gabriel Shocks

For a better understanding, let's review the remarkable features and benefits of the Gabriel shock absorbers. Everything about this company's shocks sets it apart from the ten others on the market. I can only explain the features and benefits that ai has come to know after all these years of using Gabriel:

  • The material of special quality brings joy to every ride. It's capable of providing the smoothest ride ever.
  • Gabriel uses the award-winning g-force patent technology in its products.
  • They are designed to serve safety and convenience on a plate.
  • Gabriel shocks hold self-compensating and leak-proof piston seals to stop oil bypass.
  • Positive prompting to maximize the safety of your vehicle.
  • Features developed by OE can minimize optimal sealing.
  • Powerful damping functions to keep everything under control in all road conditions.
  • Large and arched tube at maximum thrusts from Gabriel.

These are the ultimate and extreme benefits that come with each thrust of the Gabriel. These things make a completely different position for the brand in the market.

What are the best Gabriel shocks?

As I mentioned before, I tried Gabriel to find out his specialties. And using a specific product would never help that. That's why I came up with these three incredible shocks alongside the company. Let's check them out:

1. Gabriel 77803: Maximum Tax Shocks

Gabriel Shock's Review in 2022 - is it any good? (2)
(Video) Coil-Over Shocks, A Visual Comparison: Gabriel Vs. Monroe

I gave the first shot to the Gabriel 77803 shock. This is designed to serve the maximum comfort and performance of a light truck. SUVs/vans. With these vehicles and the special damper combination, you experience the sports car experience with every trip. The special shock absorbers guarantee maximum control, quick response and propulsion, no matter what type of road it is on. Its adjustable device ensures safety for every vehicle.

2. Gabriel 83038: FleetLine shock absorbers

Gabriel Shock's Review in 2022 - is it any good? (3)

The next thing I bought for my truck was this Fleetline. Gabriel 83038 is designed for direct replacement in place of original shock absorbers. It will serve exactly as an absolute dampener for trucks/cabs. This is known as the first hydraulic shock absorber with every shock. The specific design can maximize driving comfort. Also, the shock absorber is available for a custom design depending on the vehicle.

3. Gabriel 85062: FleetLine high-performance shock absorbers

Gabriel Shock's Review in 2022 - is it any good? (4)

Check the price on Amazon

(Video) Top 5 Picks: Best Shock Absorbers Review | For Trucks And Cars

Finally, my truck would have a heavy-duty Fleetline shock absorber. Gabriel 85062 is a notable part of the Gabriel 85000 series that they launched. They deliver light, medium and heavy truck suspension in every shot. The company claims they offer the best truck suspension with no installation hassles. Their outstanding design evolves with every ride.

frequently asked Questions

Q: Where are Gabriel shock absorbers made?

The Gabriel shock absorbers are made in Mexico. These auto parts have been around for a long time and can be found in cars from all over the world.

Q: Who makes better shocks Gabriel or Monroe?

Gabriel vs Monroe: The main difference between Gabriel Shocks andMonroe shocksfrom both manufacturers generally have a firmer ride, however you may find a smoother ride with more relaxed handling from Monroe shocks. They also feel Gabriel Shocks can perform better off-road because they don't bottom out as easily.

Q: Are Gabriel's shocks good?

Yes, certainly Gabriel's shocks are good in every way. They are made of high quality material, form-fitting sealing and a comfortable design for the riders. Anyone who needs to do the best ride quality should give the brand a shot.

Q: How long do Gabriel shocks last?

On average, Gabriel shock absorbers last 50,000 miles. If you want extreme performance, you should change the suspension every 50,000 kilometers on the road.

Q: Where are Gabriel shock absorbers made?

That's an intriguing question about damper manufacturer Gabriel. Well, some have this misconception that Gabriel shocks are made in America. But in reality they are generally only made in Mexico. But their dampeners are available in almost every region.

Q: Do Gabriel shock absorbers come with a guarantee?

Yes, Gabriel is a very renowned automobile manufacturer. They offer good warranty service with almost every product. The warranty would generally include certain time limitations from the date of purchase.

last words

After all these discussions I can definitely recommend you to try these Gabriel shock absorbers. After a certain period of time, every car needs the perfect shock absorber mounting. AsGabriel has a wide range of products, find the best for you. After using these shocks Gabriel I still have nothing to contradict them for months. I have the highest quality driving experience every time I ride any Gabriel product. Hopefully my review of the Gabriel shocks was quite helpful to you. If your vehicle is also facing a rough and faded driving problem, take a look at the Gabriel shock absorber collection.

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Is Gabriel shock absorber good? ›

Great shocks with the best price. Changing to the Gabriel shocks made the car drive and ride like new again.

How long do Gabriel shocks last? ›

For maximum driver safety, comfort, and control, Gabriel® recommends that you have your shocks or struts replaced every 50,000 miles.

Where are Gabriel shock absorbers made? ›

We maintain engineering, manufacturing, warehouse, sales, and management offices throughout North America including Farmington Hills, Michigan; Chickasha, Oklahoma; and Querétaro, Mexico, with additional manufacturing joint ventures in China.

Where are Gabriel Ultra shocks made? ›

849006 Gabriel Ultra Shocks And Struts Made In Mexico Free shipping.

Which company shock absorber is best? ›

10 Best Shock Absorber Brands for Your Car
  • Monroe.
  • KYB.
  • Bilstein.
  • Fox Racing.
  • Gabriel.
  • KONI.
  • Rancho.
  • Skyjacker.

What shock absorbers give the smoothest ride? ›

The smoothest riding shocks you can get would be ones identical or nearly identical to factory tuning, typically something like the Bilstein B4 series, KYB Excel-G Series, or Monroe OE Spectrum. All of these have the most forgiving valving for road handling and comfort.

Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time? ›

Shocks and struts should always be replaced in pairs (front axle or rear axle), and it's even better to replace the shocks/struts on all four wheels at one time. This helps maintain reliable handling and a consistent response on both sides of the vehicle.

How can you tell if shocks are good? ›

One way to test the condition of the shocks and struts of your car is to push down hard on each corner of a vehicle. If the vehicle continues to bounce after you let go, your shocks need replacing.

Are Monroe shocks made in China? ›

The majority of Monroe shocks & struts are made at its Paragould, AR, manufacturing plant. The plant's 1,200 team members are committed to continually improving and refining the manufacturing process to produce the high-quality shocks & struts that Monroe is known for.

Who owns Gabriel shocks? ›

Ride Control, LLC operates in both the aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer (commercial, industrial and recreational vehicle) segments under the Gabriel® (U.S. and Canada) and GRC® (Mexico) brand names.

Is KYB Made in USA? ›

We have 32 facilities in 21 countries, and 15 manufacturing plants in Asia, the United States, and Europe.

Is KYB made in Japan? ›

KYB Corporation (KYB株式会社, KYB kabushiki gaisha, formerly Kayaba Kogyo kabushiki gaisha (カヤバ工業株式会社) until 1 October 2015) is a Japanese, Tokyo-based automotive company.

Are Monroe shocks good quality? ›

Monroe is an industry leader for a reason. The high-quality, performance gains and competitive pricing of the Reflex serves as an example of why. These ACDelco shocks are a direct replacement for popular General Motors trucks and SUVs. They will restore factory ride quality at an affordable price.

Are Rancho shocks made in USA? ›

RS9000™XL Shock Absorber

The adjustable damping enhances ride characteristics by counteracting the additional unsprung mass inherent in larger tire and wheel combinations. Engineered and manufactured in the U.S., all RS9000XL series units are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Are Rancho shocks made by Monroe? ›

Rancho products are manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc (NYSE: TEN) a $17.45 billion manufacturing company best known for its ride control and emission brands, including: Monroe® shocks and struts, Walker® Exhaust, Thrush® Exhaust, and DynoMax® Performance Exhaust.

Are cheap shocks OK? ›

A cheap shock will let everything on your vehicle rattle more than a good damper that controls the flow of energy through your rig. This superior behavior translates into less maintenance cost for the life of your vehicle.

Which type of shock absorber is most widely used nowadays? ›

Which type of shock absorber is most widely used nowadays? Explanation: Oleo type shock absorber is widely used shock absorber.

Which suspension brand is best for cars? ›

Eibach is arguably the best car suspension brand when it comes to lowering springs. The company has been around since 1951, and although it hasn't necessarily been making aftermarket upgrades for that long, its storied history gives the brand a great deal of manufacturing expertise.

What's better soft or stiff suspension? ›

A softer suspension will offer more mechanical grip as it will do a better job of keeping the tires on the ground vs a stiff suspension when it comes to depressions, bumps, and surface irregularities in the road.

Which is better gas or oil filled shocks? ›

Oil shocks provide better comfort while gas shocks offer better road holding, cornering and braking. There are no good or bad shock absorbers, there are only shock absorbers that can be useful for your driving style.

What suspension is best for comfort? ›

An air suspension is one the most comfortable and load bearing suspensions which is why they are used on most top of the line luxury and sports cars.

Will changing shocks improve ride? ›

The shocks and struts improve the ride and reduce the bouncing caused by springs compressing and releasing so you don't go boing-boing down the road.

Will upgrading shocks improve ride quality? ›

These parts wear out over time just like any other part of your car that wears out like tires. If it's been a while since your struts or shocks have been changed or if you can't remember the last time you got new ones, a new set can greatly improve your ride quality compared to your old, worn-out ones.

Will new shocks improve ride quality? ›

New shocks help soften the harshness of an uneven road making the drive more stable. New shocks can also help prevent the vehicle from excessive leaning on turns, nose-diving on stops or veering in crosswinds, providing a more controlled and smooth ride.

Why is my car bouncy after new shocks? ›

Although you've replaced the struts and shocks recently, it's possible that wheel bearings are damaged, or the rear sway bar or sway bar bushing is damaged. It's also possible that the replacement parts were not properly installed, aligned or tightened - or the air pressure in the rear tires is excessive.

How many years do car shocks last? ›

On average, if your car has been “babied,” you can expect your shocks/struts to last about 10 years. If you have really used your car like a workhorse, 5 years is probably all you can expect. This means that for the average driver, 7 or 8 years is the maximum life expectancy of most shocks and struts.

How long should shock absorbers last? ›

The life expectancy of Shock absorbers is at least 4 to 5 years. But, it actually depends on the road conditions. The lifespan can extend to even 10 years if you drive the car mostly on smooth roads. Similarly, it can be shorter than 5 years if you mostly drive on uneven roads filled with cracks, bumps, or potholes.

Are KYB shocks better than Monroe? ›

Both KYB and Monroe are great shock absorbers that provide a smooth ride. However, KYB is slightly better than Monroe in most conditions. KYB shocks are good for all terrain and do particularly well on rough roads.

Where are Bilstein shocks made? ›

BILSTEIN's main production facility North American production facility is located at our U.S. Headquarters in Hamilton, OH. At this location, we produce highly engineered semi-active and passive monotube shock absorbers for high-performance automobiles, motorsports and off-road vehicles.

Is Gabriel an Indian company? ›

Established in 1961, Gabriel India Limited is the flagship Company of the ANAND Group. It is a market leader for pioneering Ride Control Products to the automotive industry in India and is one amongst the Top 10 suspension manufacturers globally.

Is Gabriel India a good buy? ›

The Price Trend analysis by MoneyWorks4Me indicates it is Semi Strong which suggest that the price of Gabriel India Ltd is likely to Rise-somewhat in the short term.

Does Yamaha own KYB? ›

This sale will make the subsidiary a joint venture that will be 66.6% owned by KYB and 33.4% owned by Yamaha Motor.
Overseas cooperation between KYB and Yamaha.
Company name:KYB Motorcycle Suspension India Pvt. Ltd.
Ownership:KYB 100%
Production volume:285,000 in 2014, 1,600,000 in 2018 (planned)
4 more rows
Jan 29, 2013

What does KYB stand for? ›

(KYB) Know Your Business process is not so different from the most widely known and standardized Know Your Customer (KYC) process. The difference from KYC lies in the purpose and intentionality of the process, which is focused on identifying companies and suppliers.

Is KYB an OEM? ›

After all, KYB has been OEM on many Lexus and Toyota gens, as well as some Honda models. Even if your ride isn't Japanese, this is a logical question. In summary: KYB Excel G shocks are an improvement over OEM suspension in most cases. They will ride a bit stiffer, though.

Is KYB made in China? ›

KYB doesn't manufacture in China last I knew, so suspension labeled as “KYB China” is counterfeit.…

Is Kayaba the same as KYB? ›

In the '70s, when Kayaba was pushing into the US market, they shortened the name to KYB as the Americans had trouble pronouncing the full version.

Who makes Monroe shocks? ›

4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Monroe® shocks and struts, a leading global brand from Tenneco Inc.'s (NYSE: TEN) DRiV Motorparts group, recently announced new part numbers during the month of October for many of its most popular products, including new Monroe Quick-Strut® assemblies, and OESpectrum® and Magnum® shocks and ...

How long should KYB shocks last? ›

If you want to keep your vehicle operating as well as it was designed to: Then KYB and most industry experts suggest replacement shocks and struts after 50,000 miles (80,000 km).

Are Rancho or Bilstein shocks better? ›

If you want a tighter handling vehicle, with long-term dependability, then our choice has been Bilstein on our own vehicles. We enjoy a sportier ride, firmer handling, and better load response while hauling or towing. There's just too much secondary bouncing that occurs with Rancho shocks up driveways and speedbumps.

What brand of shocks does Ford use? ›

Motorcraft® shocks and struts for Ford and Lincoln vehicles

By helping to reduce wheel bounce and providing consistent control, the wide range of Motorcraft® shock absorbers and strut assemblies helps ensure a smooth ride for your customers under ever-changing loads, road conditions and driving situations.

Are softer shocks better? ›

Stiffer shock rates slow spring movements, while a softer shock rate allows the spring to move faster. If a shock is too stiff, it can cause the tire contact patch to bounce off the road surface over bumps, making your car or bike feel less predictable. If this is happening, you'll need to soften your shocks.

Which shocks are better Rancho or Fox? ›

Shock Showdown

From our tests and reviews, the Fox 2.0 provides noticeably better handling to the vehicle through better rebound damping. Where the Rancho sometimes felt sloppy on bigger bumps, Fox kept the vehicle more composed.

Does rough country make good shocks? ›

Definitely for the money, you can not buy a better shock. They have improved dramatically over the years and with someone that does not have a ton of money they are for sure worth the buy! Top quality for a reasonable price! I replaced the worn out ProComp shocks on my lifted Silverado with these Rough Country shocks.

What is special about Rancho shocks? ›

The core of this new and innovative shock from Rancho® is the unique and patented rebound valving system and an advanced compression phase of the shock absorber. This proprietary process developed by the ride engineers at Rancho will elevate the overall handling and performance of your vehicle on and off-road.

Where are Gabriel shocks made? ›

We maintain engineering, manufacturing, warehouse, sales, and management offices throughout North America including Farmington Hills, Michigan; Chickasha, Oklahoma; and Querétaro, Mexico, with additional manufacturing joint ventures in China.

Why are BILSTEIN shocks better? ›

Bilstein's technically superior, patented monotube gas charged design allows the excessive heat from the oil to transfer to the outer surface of the shock body and dissipate more efficiently. The dividing piston also permits the oil to expand as heat builds, preventing aeration (foaming) and viscosity loss.

Who makes BILSTEIN shocks? ›

BILSTEIN is a business unit of thyssenkrupp's Automotive Technology business area which produces high-tech components for the automotive industry and machinery sectors worldwide. thyssenkrupp's five business areas span 79 countries and 461 companies.

Which is better Monroe or KYB shocks? ›

Which Shocks Give the Smoothest Rides, KYB or Monroe. Both KYB and Monroe are great shock absorbers that provide a smooth ride. However, KYB is slightly better than Monroe in most conditions. KYB shocks are good for all terrain and do particularly well on rough roads.

What is the most comfortable suspension system? ›

An air suspension is one the most comfortable and load bearing suspensions which is why they are used on most top of the line luxury and sports cars.

Which shocks are best for lowering springs? ›

The following shocks are the only shocks we recommend for use with lowered suspensions:
  • Bilstein B8 Sport.
  • Koni Sport Adjustable (Yellow)
  • Koni STR. T (Orange)
  • KYB AGX Adjustable.

Who makes shock absorbers for VW? ›

for your volkswagen passat estate. Monroe ® is one of the world's largest manufacturers of shock absorbers. In fact, 1 in 5 new vehicles are equipped with the latest Monroe technology. WE HAVE THE SHOCKS YOU NEED.

Which shocks are the best gas or oil? ›

Generally, gas filled shock absorber are considered better and more advance than oil filled shock absorber, they allow better performance, comfort and driving safety.

What is the most comfortable car for seniors? ›

From practical hatchbacks to a luxurious Lexus, here's our pick of the best and most comfortable cars for seniors:
  1. Honda Jazz. The Honda Jazz is one of the most popular senior cars, with Honda itself revealing that 61 is the average age of Jazz owners. ...
  2. Kia Soul. ...
  3. Toyota Yaris. ...
  4. Lexus UX. ...
  5. Volkswagen Polo.
Apr 19, 2022

Who makes the best shocks and struts? ›

7 Best Brands for Shock and Strut Mounts
  • Replacement.
  • KYB.
  • Monroe.
  • Motorcraft.
  • Moog.
  • Febi.
  • Mevotech.
Apr 28, 2022

What shock spring rate do I need? ›

You should use no more than 6 turns and no less than 1 turn of preload. If you need more than 6 turns to achieve Sag, you need to go up 50lbs in Spring Rate. If you need less than 1 turn, you need to go down 50lbs in Spring Rate.

Should I buy new shocks for lowering springs? ›

Yes, if you install lowering springs then you need new shocks.

Do lowering springs worsen ride quality? ›

Lowering springs also change the geometry of your wheel/tire fitment. If it's not done right, you can expect both accelerated and uneven tire wear. Your car could also bottom out over speed bumps and be even tougher to get up inclines, like your driveway, without scraping your bumper.

How long do VW shocks last? ›

Generally, shocks and struts wear out every 50,000-100,000 miles. If you're a more aggressive driver and/or frequently drive on rough roads, they will wear out faster.

Is it worth upgrading shock absorbers? ›

Why Upgrade Your Shocks? Every vehicle comes with factory or base shocks, but, if you plan on going off-road with your vehicle, it's best to consider an upgraded shock. If you own a lifted truck or Jeep, you'll likely have more aggressive tires.

How long do VW shock absorbers last? ›

The life expectancy of Shock absorbers is at least 4 to 5 years. But, it actually depends on the road conditions. The lifespan can extend to even 10 years if you drive the car mostly on smooth roads.


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