Help Scout vs Front: Which Helpdesk is Right for You in 2023? (2023)

Help Scout vs Front: Which Helpdesk is Right for You in 2023? (1) Written by
Tetiana Belevska

19. September 2022

The more you believe that your business can function without a helpdesk, the more you realize how helpful it can be. But unfortunately, the industry is full of different options, and not all offer the same level of support. Yet a single tool delivers all of this and more at a reasonable price. The name of this tool isfront, and quite a talented team doing it under the bright directive of brilliant minds that areLaurent PerrinAndMathilde Collin.

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Therefore, to make it easier on the eye and the mind, we decided to stack the system against each otherBoy Scouts help. WhyBoy Scouts help, ask you could reason? Simple, they are very comparable and target the same price segment. Now, without further delay, let's see what Front is all about and why people vouch for it.

what's in front

Let's start our look at Front by treating the tool and its main purpose as a support system. So the short version with which the front was designedefficient email managementin the head. All modules are designed to help you do less and gain more, but this is just the short version. The whole story is long, but we'll do our best to cover all the essential aspects.

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Front-end interface with different support channels and separate team inboxes. Source:FrontApp

As you can see, Front is a comprehensive solutionmany channelsyou can bridge together. It allows youwork both locally and remotelyunder the same roof. What does that mean? All your employees, including remote agents, can work as if they are in the same room. We know it doesn't sound easy, but that's exactly what Front offers. Whether it isSMS, Facebook-PNs,orTwitter-DMs, Front ensures all your data is consolidated in one convenient place. This skill alone will help you achieve higher satisfaction and communication rates, and possibly better customer support. And this is the extended version. Now let's look at the features.

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What functions does Front have?

Now if you take Help Scout and look at its core features, you'll immediately see that the system is best known for its deliverya variety of collaboration features. The same applies to front.

Front collaboration and communication options

Like Help Scout, the system allows you to do thisdesignate internal dialogues around external communication channels(i.e. private notes). But unlike Help Scout, this feature isn't just limited to your website. Instead, you can API this feature on the front of almost anything. Whether GitHub or S, Salesforce even Help Scout can make your communication more organized, efficient and faster.

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Create internal discussions with one or more colleagues to collaborate faster. Source:FrontApp

This is possible with FrontAssign messages to team membersfor pinpoint accuracy. Another feature that is not only cool but also very helpful is the fact that you canSynchronize your employeesbackstage. You don't have to send or copy anything as everything can be automated and scheduled.

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One of the collaboration options is the ability to share drafts with other agents. Anyone you invite to the current version of your file can also redact it directly from their Front account. Source:FrontApp

What is Frontline Productivity?

Aside from the collaboration, you also have the works here.comments, canned answers, reminders,and other productivity features are here and will be considered here. To sweeten the deal, you have tooa mobile app.A full-featured companion that will surely come in handy during on-site missions. Speaking of operations, you can follow their success withintegrated analysis module. From time to response to resolution rates, you can follow all these different onesperformance metricswithout having to configure anything thanks to the included templates.

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Use keyboard shortcuts while working in Front to save time. You can also change them in the corresponding settings panel. Source:FrontApp

The tool is simple and only takes a few hours to master advanced features. Now that doesn't mean you can start your business right away, it allows you to mine more data than usual, but we digress. The tool allows you to configurekeyboard shortcutsand even set upbusiness rulesto help your agents. Also part of the group is theautomation system. Whether it's automatic reminders or automated actions that meet the predefined criteria you're looking for, Front has all of this and more.

Front Pricing Review

Front pricing, as mentioned, is comparable to Help Scout's pricing scheme. And by equivalent we mean actual price. To get the most out of the tool, you need to pay$29/$40for thebonusAndPursuePlans. The company also allows you to test the system before making any transactions, and if you need any help, the Front team is there for you. Overall, you get a decent set of features for the money that will surely increase the average number of customers served.

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front cons

Now that you know that Front Help Scout is very similar, it's time to discuss the main differences. Or more specifically, Critical Cons, since for many of you this will be the deciding factor. So, first things first, front isnot as sophisticated as Help Scout. Help Scout has been around for years and has a pretty solid foundation that Front doesn't have. So while the front end is worked and bugs ironed out every day, you might want to skip it if you're looking for a highly polished system.

Second, frontlacks seamless integrations, especially compared to Help Scout. You can connect with Jira and Slack, but more obscure stuff is out of the question. Unfortunately, there's no Zapier or Atlassian Marketplace to help you make the missing connections, so keep that in mind.

To return to performance, frames are dropped when 50+ employees start scrolling through a lot of emails. Nothing in the area useless, but it's having an effectspeed of operations. The tool is tooonly paidand there is no freemium plan that many providers offer, including Help Scout. Finally, unlike our front comparison pointtakes a while to set up. Not everything is optimized, and there are things that you have to do manually. This saves time in the long run, but Help Scout manages to run all of this more efficiently.

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Help Scout vs Front: Which is Better?

Honestly, none, as both tools target a different demographic. They are comparable but not identical and play in the same league.

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We like both as each offers something unique and powerful to your business. That's what makes her so special. They don't follow the flow and try to introduce things we've never seen before. Sure, sometimes the feature is pretty limited, but they never stay in one place and are constantly evolving things.

What you can do is test them. It's free and you get valuable first-hand experience. And to end all of this, we are calling you to action. Yes, if you are stuck on one of the platforms and want to move your belongings, our specialists can help you with this. dropsa message, and we'll get you up and running in no time.


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